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Disclaimer: I couldn't make it to Connecticon this year, so I'm going off of reviews I've seen online and comments via social media.

It's really a shame that Connecticon doesn't fix some of these problems, that in my opinion, are very easy to fix.

Some impressions of things I heard about.

-Dealers' Space:
I heard about this change long before the actual convention by talking with a couple friends who are vendors. While it initially might seem like a good things for vendors (less competition) if there's less to see, chances are attendees aren't going to take as many trips through the Dealers' area. It strikes me as odd that Connecticon isn't expanding the Dealers' area considering that I've never seen more than a third of the tables in the gaming area in use.

-Masquerade Filler:
I rarely attend masquerades (just not my thing), but going nearly an hour over time is unacceptable. If I was waiting to see the next event, I'd probably have given up and left. If I had been one of the people presenting the next event, I'd have been livid.
I recall that in 2011, I ran into the problem where due to the masquerade running late, friends who were at the event had to hurry out at the end to make it to a restaurant in the area before it closed. (Speaking of, I'd love to see the convention talk to restaurants in the area about staying open a little later during the event to provide more options)

It's disheartening to learn about the incident with the angry staffer. I hope to hear that the matter will be addressed. I don't think the con needs to air its dirty laundry, but just acknowledge that they are aware of the problem and are looking to rectify it.
As an outsider looking in, I think Connecticon needs to really look at what are problem areas, and seek out people to take on the responsibilities to fix these specific problems. Do not add it to someone else's work load, but delegate it to someone and make that their primary job. I know convention staffers whose primary job pre-con is to plan out lines for larger rooms and events. Cons have copy editors who are there specifically to review and proofread things like the website and program guide.

Out of all the conventions I've been to, Connecticon strikes me as the one with the most potential. Right now, it's stalling as a "decent" event when it has the foundation to be a "great" event. I implore the Connecticon staff to really take note of what areas people are saying need improvement and address the issues head on. Perhaps make a list of them, and check it from time to time throughout the year to keep them in mind and continue brainstorming ways to fix things. I would love to look back and say "Wow, they took care of these issues" instead of spending another year wondering why the same problems with simple solutions persist.
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