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Sukoshi Con will be hosting a convention in Denver, Colorado on April 29-May 1 of 2016 so with that said here are all the details you need to know.

Location: RADISSON HOTEL DENVER SOUTHEAST located at 3155 S. Vaughn Way, Aurora, CO 80014.(Hotel rates and hotel reservation link will be announced and provided soon!)


Registration: Price $35.00 with a Fee of $1.87 sell ends December 31, 2015 then the price will go up(Link to buy pass endee-registration-ticket s-18389... code gameboy80 to get a $5.00 discount for first 100 people only

Artist Alley: Please follow these directions go to the site link listed above then find the Exhibitors hover over it then click the Artist Alley option you will then find the form below on the loaded page to fill out to register prices are $125.00 for an Artist Room table (the Artist Room will be locked and secured at night, so artists will not need to completely break-down their table or remove their art every night.)
$95.00 for an Artist Alley table (the Artist Alley will be located in the hallway, and will be UNSECURED at night. Artists will need to be sure to remove their art and valuables each night upon leaving their table)

Vendor Registration: Price is currently $350.00 and a fee of $9.74 sell ends October 31, 2015 and then the price will go up(Link to buy vendor registration dors-tickets-18391661956)


Contributing to the anime world for over 10 years, Blake Shepard lends his vocal talents to ADV films, FUNimation, Seraphim digital, and Manga. A man of many talents, Blake Shepard has also provided the Anime Network with animations of his own. When he’s not traveling the states from one convention to the next Blake is a busy actor but in his spare time you will find him intoxicating the masses with his disco rock band Electric Attitude. You can experience a bit of his talents watching shows such as:

Angel Beats as Yuzuru Otonashi, Hakuouki as Souji Okita, Dream Eater Merry as Yumeji Fujiwara, The Ambition of Oda Nobunaas Asai Nagimasa, Diabolik Lovers as Laito Sakamaki, Amnesia as Ikki, Campione as Godo Kusanagi, Penguindrum as Shoma Takakura, Inu X Boku Secret Service as Zange Natsume, Sacred Blacksmith as Luke Ainsworth, Dog & Scissors as Kazuhito Harumi, Tactics as Kantaro, Shin chan as Oliver Oliver (FUNimation; ep 77), Shining Hearts as Rick, Arcana Famiglia as Liberta,Tamako Market as Inuyama, This Boy Can Fight Aliens! (OAV) as Kakashi, Maburaho as Kazuki Shikimori, Elfen Lied (OAV) asKouta, Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East as Kaname Osaki, Hakuoki as Souji Okita , Gilgamesh as Tatsuya/Terumichi Madoka,Air Gear as Agito/Akito Wanijima, Halo Ledgends (segment “The Babysitter”) as O’Brien, Moeyo Ken TV as Ryuunosuke Sakamoto,Pumpkin Scissors as Martis, Shattered Angels as Jin Ogami, Xenosaga: The Animation as Allen Ridgeley, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu as Fuwa, Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid as Leonard Testarossa, Guyver:The Bio Boosted Armor as Kobashi, Venus Versus Virus as Yoshiki Kusanagi, Ghost Stories as Keita, One Piece, and many more…

Samantha Inoue-Harte

Samantha Inoue-Harte co-founded Animetropolis, a transmedia production company, through which she is producing Tailchaser, an independent, 3D CG-animated feature film adaptation of Tad Williams’ acclaimed best-selling fantasy novel Tailchaser’s Song. She has been part of the animation industry since 1997 and heads her own Austin-based animation studio. As an animator, she has worked on projects for Disney, Mattel, Warner Brothers and Fox Animation and also teaches at The Art Institute of Austin. A voice actor since 1998, Inoue-Harte is perhaps best known for her role as Chocobo in Final Fantasy: Unlimited, but has also voiced in Sakura Wars, Getter Robo, Gatchaman, Trinity Blood and over 33 other animated titles. Her voice can also be heard in video games such as DC Universe Online, World of Warcraft and City of Heroes. Inoue-Harte’s on-screen presence can also be seen in Grindhouse, Sin City, Office Space, True Grit and various other films shot in Texas. Her repertoire of talent also includes cowboy action sharpshooting and FX makeup for films; most notably in the feature Teeth.

Laura Post

Laura Post is a Los Angeles based voice actor best known for her roles as Ahri in LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, Valentine in SKULLGIRLS, and Ragyo Kiryuin in KILL LA KILL.

Other anime roles include Rosalia in SWORD ART ONLINE, Ridget in GARGANTIA, Bosbos in REDLINE, Cindy Campbell in SQUID GIRL, Myers in MAGI (The Kingdom of Magic), Red’s Mom and Marowak in POKEMON ORIGINS, Eri Watabe in LAGRANGE, and Sawako in GIOVANNI’S ISLAND.

Laura’s video game work also includes, Laura Victoriano in THE EVIL WITHIN, Queen Azshara and Shademaster Kiryn in WORLD OF WARCRAFT, Olivia in BRAVELY DEFAULT, Aero in FIREFALL, Moenbryda in FINAL FANTASY XIV, Erna in NATURAL DOCTRINE, Nox and Bellona in SMITE, Ana in KILLING FLOOR 2, An-G in CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE – EXO ZOMBIES, and Arfoire & Magic in the HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA franchise.


You can follow Laura on Twitter @LauraPostVoice.

Martin Billany aka LIttlekuriboh

Martin Billany has been making internet based parody videos since 2006. His most popular works to date are Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, the original abridged series, and Naruto The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show. Since then he’s recently been making strides into the professional voice-over world, having been cast as one of the titular characters in the popular BBC children’s show, Kate and Mim Mim. He has also been in such projects as Bladestorm: Nightmare, Black Hole, Heroes of Newerth and K-On: The Movie, with more projects on the horizon. Originally from England, Martin has wormed his way into the Los Angeles acting scene and despite the beard is remarkably approachable. Just don’t ask him where his new episode is.

Filth Warumono

Filthy Warumono is a cosplayer and a fashion model, musician, artist, and designer. He has a wide range of art-based talent and likes to dabble in a little bit of everything.

He has been attending conventions since 2000 and has won more than forty awards for his works on humans and Asian ball jointed dolls across the nation as well as a few internationally. He has done Japanese fashion runway for several events including h.NAOTO’s SixH branch and Hot Topic, has hosted several panels at multiple conventions covering a broad spectrum including Japanese Rock, Crossplay, Makeup, Wigs, Competitions, ABJD and more, and has also had the pleasure of working with and meeting several Japanese musicians including being filmed for an X-Japan music video.

Waru has been a cosplay judge for conventions such as Animeland Wasabi, Clutch Con, SoDak, SukoshiCon and more, and has also recently worked behind the scenes to help set them up.

When not busy with the ‘Con-Life’ he also runs his own clothing, costume, and accessory business Filthy Commissions. He has been to Japan twice and has a lot of knowledge and stories to share!

Warky T. Chocobo

Steve “Warky” Nunez is an award-winning Singer, Lyricist, Sound Editor, Music Composer, Letterer, Editor, Actor, and Voice Actor for Video Games, Film, Media, Comic Books, and Audio Books.

As a Voice Actor, Steve broke into voice acting first for an Anime Abridged Series of CardCaptor Sakura, and then for video games in Nexon’s “Dungeon Fighter Online”. After this, he has starred in many indie video games such as “Return of the Guitar Lord” and “Abandoned”, as well as many media productions for Radio, Animation, Trailers, Narrations, and Commercial work.

As an Editor, his latest project is the hit Reality TV Show, “Next Best Bartender”.

As a musician, Steve is the lead singer of the Parody Latter-Day Saint (LDS) Band, “They Might Be Elders”. He has had 3 albums released, and has hit the top 10 of Deseret Book Mormon Charts! He has composed for many video games, and has sound edited various audio books and other media.

Under the tutelage of Yamila Abraham, CEO and award winning author of Yaoi Press, Steve got his start lettering for Yaoi Press’s web series, “The Yaoikuza”. Steve has now lettered for different companies and comics, both online and in print, with his most recent work being with Legacy Action Comics.


Kazha is a rock band formed by a singer/songwriter Kazuha Oda. Kazuha has worked over 20 different records/projects from classic to heavy metal music. She has worked with wide variety of performers including Grammy winning pianist Bob James.

In September 2009, Kazha released their first EP “Breath Through Your Dreams” and toured Japan and Korea. After releasing their first album “Overture” in 2010, they had their first North America tour debuting at Asian Heritage Street Celebration in San Francisco playing with the American Hip Hop group “Far East Movement”. The band continues to tour around the world, including Europe, Mexico, as well as appearing at various festivals and conventions including Saboten Con, Sacanime, Nan Desu Kan, Ohayo Con, Phoenix Comicon and Colorado Dragon Boat Festival.

They released their 2nd album “Evolution,” and continue their musical adventure armed with their strong belief in their music and aspirations of achieving their goal. Their music combines the softness of a falling feather and the heaviness of a hurricane.

Kazha represents a new future of the world music: a fusion of cultures and musical view points that create their sound.

HorseDeer Productions

We here at HorseDeer are dedicated to bring fun and interactive day and overnight programming to conventions and events. We believe in interacting with the guests with new and ground breaking panels and show cases. HorseDeer believe when the sun goes down, that is where the fun starts.

Our panels range from Game Shows / Contests, Interacting gaming / videos, Murder Mysteries, Adult content panels, Cosplay and hands on learning. HorseDeer is dedicated to making your con one of the best by giving you fun and entertaining programming to bring back more guests each year. Please let us know what panels or events you would like to see from us for Anime Southwest!

Events: Cosplay Contest


Our Cosplay Contest will include cash prizes and trophies for the winners! How much money will be offered? That will be determined at a time closer to the convention start time. Another reason it’s important to pre-register! We are also planning for trophies to be awarded for 2nd Place, 1st Place, and BEST IN SHOW (which is our Grand Prize).



You’re officially invited to Anime Southwest’s first annual event, Dance Nerdy With Me!

This year’s theme is Mahou Shoujo and cosplay is heavily encouraged!! Help us celebrate all the brave Mahou Shoujo that protect the planet!

These are all the current updates more will be posted when more info is available hope you can make it.

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